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Jason Chong

Jason Chong
Jason has an extensive Consulting and Information Technology background, including in project management, client management, and financial management. Jason now brings his significant experience to the Las Vegas real estate market.

Originally from Malaysia and having lived in multiple locations (US east coast, mid-west, and west coast, as well as several states in Malaysia), Jason has developed a deep understanding of transition and the needs and wants that come with it. Whether it is country-to-country, state-to-state, or moving down the street, you will get his upmost respect, attention, and professionalism when addressing your real estate needs.

Jason has a passion for real estate. He started his professional real estate activities in 2010 as a real estate investor and has bought and sold investment properties in both Columbus, OH, and Las Vegas, NV. Jason currently owns a couple investment properties in Summerlin and City Center. His experience as an investor and his deep market knowledge and research helps clients determine the right properties to purchase. And his skilled negotiation tactics help his clients to maximize their opportunities for success.

Jason is equally committed to his seller clients. His knowledge of the local real estate market and his approach to truly understanding each client’s goals, provide the foundation for his ability to educate seller clients on market trends and pricing strategies to ensure their absolute best outcomes.

With his 15+ years of consulting and client management experience, Jason prides himself on providing the absolute top-level of service to each and every client, working hard to become each client’s trusted advisor.

Jason holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from New York University in New York, NY. He is fluent in English and Cantonese Chinese, with capability in Mandarin Chinese.

他精通英语和粤语, 有汉语普通话能力。